Post 2: Novel

Nabokov, Vladimir, and Alfred Appel. The Annotated Lolita. London [u.a.: Penguin Books, 2000. Print.

The novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov puts a twist to your average tragic love story. Humbert, who writes about his journey about a young girl he fell in love with when he was a child. However when Humberts child hood lover dies in her teens he mourns until he finds another lover just like her even of that means years later. While in his thirties he finally finds a young girl named Dolores around the age of twelve who perfectly reminds him of his child hood lover. After Humbert kills Charlotte, Dolores mother, the only person between him and Dolores they travel across America in love. All is good until Humbert gets caught and sent to prison; while Humbert is in prison he dies from heart failure soon after finding out Dolores had passed away. Humberts pedophiliac desire and persistence pays of to an extent to show that there is no correlation between love and age. Even though this is not your typical love story, seeing how Humbert died of heart failure makes the reader look at this story in a different perspective. Rather than you thinking Humbert just wanted Dolores for a sexual need, you see the real reason which was that his body became weak and he died because he was actually in love and did care about her.


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