Post 4: Film


photo link West Side Story. Arthur Laurents. Metro-Collin-Mayer studios. 1961

The movie West Side Story is a romantic musical that turns tragic because of love. Two major gangs in New York , The jets and sharks, have a rivalry that has them fighting for territory and power day to day. When news of an upcoming dance arrives to the town everyone wants go, including Tony and Maria who met their and fall in love. However Tony is from the jets and Maria’s older brother Bernardo is from the sharks, though this does not stop them from being in love. When your in love you will do anything for the other person, which is seen by Tony as he tries to stop the gangs from fighting due to Maria’s request. After Tony fails to stop the fight he is distraught to come home and finds some false news that his love Maria was dead. As a hopeful romantic Tony goes to see if this news is true, but when he does find her alive they rejoice for a couple of seconds before Tony gets shot in the back. This tragic ending did result a little happier than most though because she did not commit succeed however everyone seeing how distraught Maria was lead the gangs to put their violence to an end.


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